The ADITT Ride-share Experience – More Than Just Music.

Aditt App

What if we told you that extra income is possible just by adding music to your next rideshare trip? With ADITT, it’s never been easier. ADITT App is a free music application for Rideshare Drivers to provide a seamless music experience while boosting their income. 

The Ridesharing community thrives in connections through excellent service and personalized experiences. With ADITT App, Drivers greatly benefit from rideshare advertising revenue. Every ad played within their ADITT App account while ridesharing allows them to earn passive income effortlessly. 

ADITT brings Drivers, Riders, and Brands together as they create unforgettable riding experiences for the ultimate convenience. We are based in Orange County, California, started with a remarkable story. Our founder, Jermaine Sanchez, developed this brilliant idea through his personal experience of being a Rideshare Driver.

He has driven thousands of trips (11,000+) with a consistent 4.94-star rating to emphasize the importance of this challenging line of work. He shares that Rideshare Drivers face difficulties in creating a reliable income due to heavy car expenses such as insurance and maintenance. With this in mind, He asked himself “How can I make more money while still doing the job I love?” ADITT App was the answer. “The simplest way to make more money while ridesharing”.

How ADITT Allows You To Reach Beyond Music 

Our main goal is to help all parties involved reach their maximum potential and earnings through customized music ads. Here’s how:


  • RIDERS will enjoy music discovery and exclusive promos and discounts. 

Gone are the days when rideshare trips are just considered as some mindless commute to work. Riders are given the freedom to go over a wide selection of great music to enjoy their trip. They can also delight in exclusive offers and promotions that our partner brands are offering. ADITT is the “The” platform to provide them high-quality ridesharing experiences like no other.


  • BRANDS effectively reach and engage with the audience. 

There’s no better way to connect with your audience than with an undisturbed and relaxing rideshare environment. Riders can directly listen to brand messages after enjoying awesome music. Businesses have the edge to offer special promotions and attract future customers through ADITT App.


  • DRIVERS make a better living with their hard work. 

Rideshare Drivers are one of the most driven working individuals who deserve an additional source of income to make ends meet. At ADITT we believe that Drivers sincerely qualify to earn more money for the job they perform and the additional income from ad-revenues will significantly improve their lives. 

What Are You Waiting For?

ADITT ultimately aims to make rides-was thathare trips more satisfying to Riders by offering them their favorite tunes as they connect with exceptional Brands. We also hold a deep respect for Drivers by enabling them to earn more income through our platform.  

Whether you’re a Rideshare Driver (Uber, Lyft, Via, etc.) or an Aspiring Brand Partner, don’t miss out on our insider list by visiting our website and signing up today! We can’t wait to ride with you soon!