How To Create The Most Engaging Audio Ads

Audio Ads

Now that audio ads are taking over the digital landscape, is your brand equipped enough to engage with an impact? 

In case you’ve been missing out, the 2019 Infinite Dial Report states that an average American listens to almost 17 hours of online audio every week. Major industry key players are evidently maximizing opportunities as well through frequent engagement, direct targeting, and measurable results.

You can allow your message to be heard loud and clear across platforms too! Here are the top engagement strategies that can boost your advantage:


Craft A Conversational Brand Voice

Listeners don’t stick around with loud, hard-sell content anymore as it overwhelms their attention. The modern approach is all about sharing an experience through quality conversational tones. Always prioritize using a casual brand voice as if the listener is talking to a friend. The more personal you reach, the higher interest they acquire for them to take part in your message and actively engage.

Know Who and Where Your Audience Is

The main difference between radio ads from audio ads is that people are now regularly on the move. Always consider dynamic elements of content to capture your audience wherever they are at the moment.

The advantage of digital audio advertising relies on the users’ flexibility to engage anytime. Add up genuine connections by targeting a hyper-target audience to promote where it matters. Use the available customer data that you have to bridge geographical gaps. 

Keep It Simple and Authentic

You only have less than 30 seconds and a few words to spare, so make sure it counts. Capture your listeners’ understanding by utilizing short, simple, yet striking statements. Find a balance and focus on one important idea that’s easy for them to remember. Clear any distracting words and deliver a unique message.

Set A Mood

If you’re a brand who’s promoting a restaurant, imagine how much food lovers would instantly be hooked upon hearing a crunch of a scrumptious bite, along with a soothing voice that’s describing the flavors? It’s all about transporting them to experience your product or service. 

The voiceover, background music, and tone sets you apart to let the listeners successfully absorb the key points.

Strategic Use of Emotion And Reason

Depending on your brand objectives, recognize when it’s time to use information vs. emotions in your audio ads. People are more engaged when they are invested in your brand through relatability. When you invoke an emotion, you benefit from a good reaction. Logic, on the other hand, ignites their curiosity to know more about your brand. Use these two strategies wisely to invite more leads as an edge. 

Emphasize Their Benefits

Audio advertising must always highlight the listeners’ point of view. Will your brand bring them convenience, entertainment, or solve a personal problem? Sell your way to your customers’ hearts by featuring what they will get from simply listening. Urge their interest by making them care about what you have to offer.

Specify A Compelling Call-To-Action

A strong finish for an impressive ad is to have a distinct result. For instance, you can focus on sales by offering promo codes that they can avail of. Your social media platforms or website can also drive relevant traffic through these promotions.

Present detailed steps on what your listeners can do to take action from what they’ve just heard. When riders experience the Aditt App while ridesharing, they take your brand wherever they’re going, therefore, it’s ideal to ensure that you leave a mark at the end. A successful audio ad creates measurable brand milestones through an actionable message.


The revolutionary impact of digital audio ads in the advertising industry will continue to flourish as long as brands keep it fresh and full of human connections. 

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We hope that this article helped you strategize your next audio ad more effectively, and we can’t wait to share more insights with you. Good luck!