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NodorFresh LLC officially came to life as a California corporation in 2017. However, the company’s journey to develop a water-based, non-aerosol, environmentally-friendly odor neutralizer goes back over many years. NodorFresh products build on the understanding that the sense of smell is a powerful brain and nervous system trigger of emotion, memory, mood, feelings, and even behavior. Through meticulous development, we arrived at a simple mission: give individuals the portable power to attack and eliminate odor molecules within their personal space. The result is a proprietary, odor molecule-crushing formula that is safe and effective and that has no equal.

The NodorFresh team brings over 150 years of combined experience, success, and connectivity to a shared passion for creating products that meet the most basic human needs. We integrate the knowledge and skills of world class confectioners, fragrance, and formula designers with global logistics, manufacturing, and brand marketers. Together, we adhere to a basic philosophy that the simplest and purest solution is the one that is ultimately best-of-breed– leaving no footprint and doing no harm.

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Driven by a clear understanding of the body’s connection to odor recognition and reaction, NodorFresh products represent painstaking trial and error, relentless evaluation and testing, and unwavering customer and consumer loyalty and commitment. With that passion and a dedication to the environment that surrounds us all, we stand by a simple promise: use our spray—smells go away.